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Oklahoma Self Defense Act (OSDA) Handgun Carry Class

Location: Murf's Shooting Range, 1826 US-81, Duncan, OK 73533, USA

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Ken Murphree teaches the classroom instruction required to obtain a License to carry a handgun in the majority of the states outside of Oklahoma.  Constitutional Carry was signed into law by Gov Stitt and is in effect as of November 1,2019 the RESPONSIBILITIES and LAWS on carrying a handgun will REMAIN the same.   This class covers the responsibilities and laws for individuals to carry handguns.  Education and training remain necessary and can keep handgun carriers out of legal trouble. Most states still require Conceal Carry Licenses so if you you travel outside the state of Oklahoma you may still be required to have an Oklahoma License to legally carry your handgun in that state.  You need to check state laws in the states to which you are traveling.  The class will be taught at Murfs Shooting Range in Duncan, OK.

The shooting requirement for the class can be completed any time before the class during normal business hours and you can stay and enjoy the range all day at no additional cost.  

The Range is located across the street north of Murf's at 3330 N 81 Highway in Duncan.  Please call the Range at 580-786-5111 if you plan to attend.

Students will need 50 rounds of ammunition to shoot. For those who don't own a handgun the shooting range will provide one to use during your shooting requirement.

There is no paperwork required to take the class.

The cost of the class is $50.   If you have any questions you can call Murf's Shooting Range at 580-786-5111 or Murf's Guns at 580-255-6776.

We hope to see you at the Range!